Adhering Your Silhouettes

Silhouette Application Instructions


(All Vinyl Decals)


No worries, applying your vinyl silhouette decal is easy. But, to make it even easier we include a practice decal (and written instructions) with every order. That way you can get the hang of applying it and test out your destination surface before putting your new silhouettes up.








Remove or cut the masking tape sections from the edges. Place your silhouette decal where you want it to go. Tape one side (edge) to the surface. Lift up the other side of the silhouette decal using the tape as a hinge. Peel of the white backing paper. Place the vinyl silhouette back onto the surface. Rub it down with your hand. Peel off the clear transfer tape. You are done! It is that easy.




The Long Version...




VINYL DECAL PREP: Clean the destination surface and dry it thoroughly. Please allow a newly painted surface a month or so to fully cure before application (it remains oily for a while). The vinyl decal may have pulled away from the transfer tape during shipping. Place the product (clear side up) on a smooth surface such as a table. Take a credit card and use the edge to rub fi­rmly across the entire image. Start from the center and work out to the edges. This action will adhere the decal to the transfer tape. Try to work out any bubbles you see by pressing them towards the edge. Remove or cut the small masking tape sections along the edges.




1. Place the product on the destination surface. Level and center it. Pay special attention to level and center the vinyl decal itself and not the backing paper/transfer tape. (If your decal has multiple parts and you wish to space them differently, you can cut them apart and position them separately.)


2. Tape one edge (usually the top) of the backing paper/transfer tape to the destination surface. Lift up the other side using the tape as a hinge. At a tight angle, slowly peel away the backing paper underneath exposing the sticky vinyl. The vinyl decal should stay adhered to the clear transfer tape. If it starts to separate, help it stay together.


3. After the white backing paper is removed, slowly roll the sticky vinyl and transfer tape onto the destination surface starting from the tape hinge-side. Go very slow and work out any air bubbles with a credit card or your hands as you go. Afterward, rub down the decal again (to adhere the vinyl decal to the destination surface) and remove the tape hinge.


4. Gently peel away the transfer tape starting from one corner pulling down at a tight angle across the vinyl decal. Be patient and go slow. If the decal begins to lift up help it stay down. Once the transfer tape is removed, rub the vinyl decal down one last time to make sure it is well adhered. That's all, you are done!


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